Fejstbukov Parser

As I was working on Programmer’s Guide Slovenia, which is primarily an aggregated site of useful links from a Slovenian Developer Facebook group, a number of requests slipped into my inbox asking if I could make the content visible for non-Facebook users.

Teaser Image

After a brainstorming session I got quite interested in making a simple bookmarklet that transformed a Facebook post into a standalone HTML content preserving as much visual of an original post as possible.

Since it was a bit easier, I made the bookmarklet that transforms mobile (m.facebook.com) posts into standalone HTML files that anyone can view.

It takes a mobile post:

Before Image

and strips off:

  • javascript
  • unnecessary HTML elements
  • Facebook tracking URL wrappers
  • current user data
    it also:
  • replaces relative with absolute Facebook URLs
  • expands all replies/comments

and spits everything out in a standalone HTML file that looks like this:

After Image

It’s nothing fancy actually, since it operates on HTML DOM level.

The project is publicly available:

Fejstbukov Parser GitHub

Since this violates the Facebook Privacy Policies, the parser unfortunately was not used in any way.