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New Job, New Me

4 minute read

Working for Turtl’s content creation SaaS on the Frontend (Angular) team

Compose My Inventory

4 minute read

Building an inventory app Pogley with Jetpack Compose and newest Android development best practices.

Learning a New Stack

5 minute read

A failed startup gave me an opportunity to take some time off and learn something new. I’ll try to summarize it within this post.

First Startup Experience

5 minute read

HomeClinico has been the first project I’ve actually tried that had a business model defined. You can check a detailed description on my Portfolio page.

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Exchange of Ads

5 minute read

Ad Exchanges are technology platforms that serve as an open digital marketplace.


8 minute read

What do these two abbreviations even mean and how are they connected?

The Evolution of Mobile Ads

9 minute read

Nowadays ads pop up on every corner of our life; in a supermarket, on a newspaper, tv and our very own pocket computer also known as a mobile device.

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