2 years into Frontend

1 minute read

I can’t believe it has already been 2 years since I joined Turtl as a Senior Frontend Engineer.

In the mean time I’ve shipped the most requested feature, which I’ve spent a year on, and became a Team Lead.

Web Engineering

After 2 years into transitioning from Mobile to Web, I can say I became a lot more confident in my ability to learn new stuff and adapt.

As a Senior Frontend Engineer in Turtl I’m responsible for planning and delivering new features for the platform. Turtl is currently in transition to rewrite AngularJS code into Angular code so we’re trying to slowly go into that direction.

Biggest project

The biggest project I’ve done for Turtl has been the PDF-to-Turtl parser which transforms any kind of PDF into a Turtl-format Document. It’s been a huge project and I’ve useed all kind of tools from Adobe, to AWS Rekognition, to ChatGPT and so on…

I’ve been working on this along with our VP of Tech for the past year and it finally went live to 100 of our customers that are primarily B2B.

Team Lead

After my “PDF Parser” project was done, I was promoted to Frontend Team Lead, which consists of 6 engineers, varying from Mid to Senior roles.

I’ve always wanted to see what’s it like leading a team and I’m currently enjoing it. I take care of planning and ensuring smooth delivery, new feature discovery and prototyping (for easier time estimation).

You’re always present in big picture discussions with other Team Leads and you can have a big impact with certain strategic decisions.


It’s been great working at Turtl and I can’t wait to see what 2024 brings!

Thanks for reading. Until next time!