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An offer came to my doorstep if I would join a new startup called Playgap that’s focusing on Mobile Advertisement. As I was part of this space during my time in Outfit7, I knew this might be huge and an opportunity I can’t let slip by me.

Thanks Turtl

Turtl has been an awesome company to work at and people are so chill, helpful and very cool to be around.

I had so much opportunity to grow at Turtl and I’ve tried to make the most of it.

I’ve been able to work with Adobe, OpenAi, Mozilla’s libraries, AWS Rekognition,…

As a Team Lead I could join meetings with High level vision debates among really skilled engineers and leaders.

Playgap, Bring It On

Playgap’s mission is to revolutionise Mobile Offline Advertisement and I’m all up for that, since it’s been hovering in my mind during my Outfit7 days.

The team is very skilled and the focus is just insane from what I’ve seen.

I’ll be response for Android SDK development and I can’t wait to see where we can bring this startup to.

I’ll also try to dip my toes into Analytics and data.

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