Programmers Guide Slovenia

I’ve received so much from the Slovenian programming community that I felt I need to give something back.

Through time I saved a few interesting links from Slovenian Developers Facebook group; the most popular and largest forum-like group in Slovenia. These links were debates about salary ranges, useful resources for every programmer and so on.

Since I saved most of important links, I thought to myself that other people might find it useful as the new posts overflow the interesting information from the older ones. The Programmer’s Guide Slovenia was born.

It received quite a positive reception within the community and I’m really happy that it actually helped anyone:


What it is

It’s a GitHub repository that aggregates links to Facebook posts based on the topic in each post. It’s meant for newer programmers to:

  • improve their technical knowledge
  • know who to ask for certain uncertainties
  • raise their salary
  • change jobs
  • join meetups/groups
    and to learn some other stuff about Slovenian programming community.

How anyone can help

Well anyone can actually contribute to the project and add stuff to the correct topics by making a pull request.

Quite some people have already contributed to the project and are credited on the bottom of the page.


If you’d like to contribute, knock yourself out:

Programmers Guide Slovenia GitHub